The first full-length from Traxx (a.k.a. Chicago-based DJ and producer Melvin Oliphant III) touts the most jacking-est of styles—”jakbeat,” an Ann Arbor and Chicago sound that’s both an ode to and update of early Chicago house. Traxx, no purist, reaches back even further (“Parametric Melody” nods to Larry Levan, quoting Peech Boys’ “Don’t Make Me Wait”) while also looking ahead. Vintage as the drum programming and acid synths are on a track like “Enka,” Faith has a soulful, futuristic quality throughout. Album standout “XTC for Love” features guest vocalist James T. Cotton (a.k.a. Tadd Mullinix, a.k.a. Dabrye) contributing yearning, indignant vocals over glowing keyboard chords and a hard-driving beat. A slow-burning, addictive debut.