The Omaha five-piece commemorates its first self-released work (and fifth studio album) with Fasciinatiion, which figuratively serves as a retrospective of their Saddle Creek-era material. Fasciinatiion hews closely to the themes previously explored over the band’s 10-year history: sex, death, and (re)birth. While filled with shout-outs to the masochistic nihilism of Blank-Wave Arcade (“The Geeks Were Right”) and the minimalist, pensive songwriting from Wet From Birth (“Fulcrum and Lever”), the record never fully achieves the ecstatic gothic synth glory of Danse Macabre. Instead, the group favors a more delicate approach to keyboard and melody, offering a few blompy nods to spazz-rock (a la We Are Scientists), and a few chugging, bass-heavy numbers for the dancefloor.