If Hed Phone Sex was the physical act itself, Fast Asleep is the moment of cuddling afterward, just before drifting off into hope-this-isn’t-a-mistake land-every bit as pleasurable, but not quite as bone-shakingly intense. Which isn’t a bad thing. Far from it, in fact, Funki Porcini’s latest release presents the best that the late, great, sorely lamented genre known as trip-hop has to offer, and it’s a dreamy, somnambulistic lullaby of rumpled sheets, remote controls and internal serenity fountains. Porcini’s usual grab-bag of tricks, which he winkingly unveils like a jeweler’s bag of gems, includes some glittery new additions-layers of church bells, a B3 sample worthy of Jimmy Smith, and a frighteningly gender-neutral weather forecast, as well as the indisputably breathtaking single “The Great Drive-By.”