With the ubiquitous resurgence of guitars in electronic music (yes, we see you Morr Music) and the ten years of silence required before the celebratory reviving of a dead genre, it’s time to tousle your hair, sling your guitar carpal tunnel-inducingly low and start shoegazing. Wryly named by music journalist Steve Sutherland after the bands’ penchant for introspective live shows, shoegazing preceded Brit Pop’s new optimism with walls of guitar feedback, amorphous floating vocals and subdued melancholy. Through their dense aural soakings, these bands shifted music’s propulsiveness from the drummer’s backbeat to the intricacies of sound, with devastating effect. This compilation, lovingly remastered by Pole, does an inimitable job of compiling the more notable moments from shoegaze’s heyday, including Ride’s Like a Daydream,” Lush’s “Deluxe” and Adorable’s “Sunshine Smile.” Sigur R?s don’t seem so great now, do they?