As evidenced by the track “House Wigger”-on which Baje One announces, with his self-effacing tongue firmly in cheek, “Blah-blah-blah/Mike is a wigger/I‘m just trying to make my worldview a little bigger”-the MC has a scope that defies any stereotype of white rappers. On Feeding Einstein, the Brooklynite‘s fluid rhymes seamlessly fit DJ Snafu‘s earthy production, a style that has the nose of a crate digger yet sticks to the traditional kick-snare thunk. “The Blaze-O” fades out with sublime porch-lit funk while “Speaking (Same Ol‘ Same)” flows on a fine, 3 a.m. jazz tip. Despite their tacky cover art and an album title that screams camp, Junk Science comes correct with a no-bullshit attitude.