Hospital has a taste for all things uplifting, from High Contrast’s glossy new wave drum & bass, to Landslide’s bouncy breaks. Two-step master and outer-London resident Zed Bias and his Manchester-based cohort DJ Injekta’s debut album continues in this tradition. Feel It Out is infused with soulful, smart vocals, be it the deft lyrics of MC Mayhem or Uncut frontwoman Jenna G’s tenor. Both crescendo over ebullient jazzy horn sections and garage-driven handclaps, culminating in irresistible tracks like “Beautiful” and “Sweet Journey.” The album as a whole, though, delivers more than the elevating tunes: the cleverly-named standout “Thelonius Punk”‘s sexy basslines rumble alongside choppy breaks, epitomizing the surgical treatment these guys have just given both UK garage and the Hospital label itself.