Music created for short avant-garde movies rarely has much broad appeal, and Film, by Austrian synthesist/guitarist Stefan Németh, isn’t going to change this situation. However, within the rarefied realm of experimental soundtracks, this Radian/Lokai member has made a significant contribution with the six tracks collected here. If you’re familiar with Radian’s arid, deconstructed post-rocktronica (imagine if Tortoise recorded for Mego), then Film won’t surprise you at all. Introverted, oblique, and minimalist, Németh’s compositions favor slate-grey guitar feedback, methodical tom-tom tattoos (the disc’s best track, “Transitions,” features a rhythm that recalls that of Can’s “Mushroomhead”), and subtle electronic whorls. Imbued with a vague tension and subtle portentousness, Film–as well executed as it is–will likely appeal mainly to other soundtrack composers.