Los Angeles group Fool’s Gold’s indie-pop/African music sees globalization and the internet forging another successful cross-cultural artistic experiment. They have company—Afrobeat bands like S.F.’s Afrodesia, NY’s Antibalas, Chicago/Kenyan Benga project Extra Golden, and even high-profile act Vampire Weekend represent a new wave of Americans bringing the Mother Continent’s music to crusty festival goers. But unlike the 1980s’ “world music” movement abetted by Peter Gabriel’s Real World label and releases on Shanachie, today’s ethno-fusionists strive for authentic arrangements without sacrificing decidedly personal aesthetics. Hence, FG supplants Hebrew lyrics into the bittersweet Malian blues arrangement of “Ha Dvash” while “Momentary Shelter” sounds like Pavement jamming with Konono N°1. The album’s excellent musicianship and cheery exuberance will win over even skeptical global traditionalists.

Watch: “Surprise Hotel”