With Foundation Bit, Disrupter Jan Gleichmar has created a simple but brilliant gem, drenched in dub techniques, rich in narrative, and which plays up the tension inherent in Jamaican-derived music. On the one hand, there’s the familiar: the endlessly recycled basslines you know like an old friend from a thousand versions in a dozen genres; the 8-bit sound that recalls both ’80s dancehall and videogames, while still paying tribute to dub of both the ’70s (King Tubby) and the ’00s (Pole, Rhythm and Sound); the snippets from a dozen half-remembered sci-fi films. On the other hand, there’s Disrupt’s wild creativity, which re-combines the familiar in magical new ways, delivering on the promise that digi-dub always had, but never managed to quite nail. Many tunes were already available from Jahtari.org, but Werk has collected the best into a melancholy, beguiling, living, dubbing masterwork.