Taking a break between Blackalicious records, Gift of Gab catches a rocketship to the Northwest and cranks out a pure MC record backed up by solid soul beats. Seattle producers Jake One and Vitamin D handle the production, giving Gab’s tunes a relaxed shuffle with ample bass and piano melodies over uncomplicated midtempo beats. Gab himself sings several hooks and joins Lifesavas’ Vursatyl to sound like hip-hop’s Simon and Garfunkel on “Way of the Light.” The focus here is on Gab’s microphone gifts, as he tears up “some ‘Pac shit” on “Stardust,” overcomes a goofy hook on “The Writz” and provides his classic uplift on “Up,” a booster rocket blasting through bad times. Gab turns on the full battle heat for “Just Because,” burning it up just before he lands.