On his debut full-length, Munich-born David Muallem immediately comes out swinging, making soul, funk, hip-hop, and electro as if he‘d been reared in each department from birth. Right off the bat, the thumping synths and bass of “Are You Ready? (Turn off the Lights),” featuring the hot-tongued vocals of Amazon, drive straight for the dancefloor: “I know you see me in da club/And you wanna get a little rub, doncha?/You wanna dance all over me/And make me hot ‘n‘ sweaty, doncha?” she teases confidently. It‘s just one side of Muallem‘s split personality-he adeptly switches between hip-hop (featuring Beans, Lyrics Born, and Wordsworth), synth-driven pop, and Erykah Badu-styled R&B on tracks like “Some Loving,” a slow, dubbed-out groove featuring Martine Girault. Even though there‘s an overload of ‘80s nostalgia at points, Muallem proves himself to be a fine new player in the game, with all-over-the-board production and a style all his own.