When it comes to techno knowledge and execution, German producer Johannes Heil is a man with a towering IQ. Or maybe that should be Eye Q, having collaborated with Eye Q label owner Sven Väth. Heil’s aesthetic from his work with producers like Väth and DJ Hell (and his tracks on Harthouse, a label known for meticulously orchestrated prog-tech) is obvious on Freaks R Us, a survey of styles. Braided and abraded bass burrows throughout-such as on “Warrior of Light” and the latter half of the title track-drawing parallels to both Tiefschwarz/Black Strobe and Dave Clarke/Robert Armani. “Rescue Me” and “Tree of Life,” especially, feature unsettled narratives, the likes of which will leave Green Velvet fans quivering. Whether the drums are straitjacketed or jacking, the cleanly edited momentum is unforgiving. Undoubtedly, there‘s something for everyone to enjoy on Freaks R Us, whether you’re into Laibach or LFO, Detroit or Chicago, micro-goth or Minus.