With this, her third solo album, Mego’s favorite (and only) glitch-chanteuse Tujiko Noriko steps out with Cologne’s Tomlab to deliver a relatively straightforward record of lightly tweaked electronic pop. Her partner in melodic crime here is producer Aki Onda, whose warm production simultaneously oozes and crackles around Noriko’s subtly ethereal vocals. Of course, Noriko is no mere sweet-voiced pushover (as has been more than evident on her previous Mego releases), and her sensuously eccentric lyrics (mostly in Japanese with a little English interspersed) are thankfully devoid of saccharine sentimentality. They’re sweetly evocative to be sure, but even as she sings of love, loss, zippers and robots, she assures us: “I cry for no one.” Independence has rarely been so lovely.