Headless Ghost is apparently Raphaël “Ripperton” Gros’ “intuitive” project, which, though he offers no further explanation, suggests its tracks lean toward the rawer side of house. Gros debuted the project in 2009 with the Backend EP, and Frontend is, fittingly, its follow-up. The three tracks here do have an immediacy, but, as one might expect from such an accomplished producer, they’re a bit more sure-footed than the average hardware jam-out.

“Basik Fire” opens with field noise and silky organ patterns as its frisky rhythm steadily picks up steam. Things quickly reach a boiling point with the addition of the supercharged square bassline that highlights the remainder, while icy synthesizer bursts and a breakdown using a thinner bassline provide respites. “Yeaahhh” uses a similar set of tools, its rhythm modulating in intensity amid filtered organ stabs and a squirming, twisting lead line. Finally, “SP3” offers up some old-school flavor. Its box-banging drums are treated with ghetto-house-style slides and accompanied by a simple, purposeful bassline. Dramatic string stabs trade emphases with a wobbly, unstable lead, which continuously peaks and recedes. These tracks are not particularly complex, and they contain little to no emotional pull. But on the whole, Frontend makes for a solid addition to Clone’s recent agenda, which continues to focus on ramping up the muscularity of tried-and-tested motifs.