Lesson in contemporary musical production, part one: “Underlined,” the third track and first minor masterpiece on Martin Iveson’s new album under his Atjazz moniker, Full Circle. Vocalists Ernesto and Cee Rock do a none-too-shabby job lending soulful hooks and Native Tongues-style rhymes–par for the course on this album of collaborations with a series of vocalists from the pan-nu-jazz multiverse. But it’s Atjazz’s ability to layer droplets of subtle tones like archaeological strata that makes these tracks bump-worthy for the dancers and discussion-worthy for the pundits. Where nu-jazz has gone complacent, Atjazz has delved deeper into the technology’s organic possibilities, allowing for both “I Forgot You,” which ticks and tocks with bass-heavy club appeal, and “With You,” which fits neatly into both your iPod’s ‘back to mine…’ and “Blue Note” playlists. Subtly complex, danceable, and gorgeous: Even three years in the making, Full Circle appears not a moment too soon.