Early ’90s technorganic darlings FSOL (a.k.a. Amorphous Androgynous) have finally gone prog. Brian “Stakker Humanoid” Dougans and Garry “Gaz” Cobain prepared for the millennium within the Galaxial Pharmaceutical studios, recording Alice in Ultraland-which ultimately became 2002’s The Isness. The binary pair then compiled the leftovers of the long, strange trip into The Otherness. Tracks like “Elysian Feels (Abbey Road Version)” and “She Sells Electric Ego” (written for Gaz’s LA pal Ian “The Cult” Astbury) subsume harpsichord and sitar plucks, zoning on psychedelia. Think Ummagumma-era Pink Floyd and King Crimson heaped with extra self-indulgence, cock-rock guitars and ELO samples.