Futurism is apparently on some other shit. Kitty-Yo sublabel KYO collects some old joints and some new in what is one of the better comps of even-further hip-hop in recent times. Slick this ain’t. Beats range from traditionally loose and easy offerings like Daedelus’ and Dabrye’s remix of Bus to a slightly unhinged, bass-and-grime-heavy effort from The Tape vs. Infinite Livez to drunken-sailor-on-a-wet-deck Quasimoto with the awesome “Come on Feet.” Futurism is hip-hop with a good dose of Berlin-style glitch ‘n’ glitter in it, with Sole’s “On Martyrdom” turning downright electro by the end. Highlights include Forss’ “Soulhack” (sounding like the best Chocolate Industries joint they never signed), 8-Bit’s “I-Deez” (as in the hook: “Robots don’t got no drivers license, so we gotta get fake…”), and the Quas track, because it‘s as good as everything else he’s ever done. The disc’s only oversight? A lack of great German MCs.