Bubbling up through the cracks in the Berlin sidewalk and drifting out of hot dance clubs into misty parks early in the morning, the multi-instrumentalist four-piece Tolcha fuses dub, hip-hop, and a bit of grime, heavily done up with equal parts dome-scratchin’ thought and body-moving sexiness. Led by DJ Shir Khan, they grabbed attention with the solid “Fokus” single on their Meta Polyp label. Now they’ve collected their collaborations into Gestalt, which contains Rhythm & Sound-esque dub pieces (“Bild Zeit”), Kitty-Yo head-nodders (“Tomchak” and “Fokus”), and some just plain good, crunchy, bassy dance music (album standout “Crushed Ice”). Vocal collabs sweeten the deal, with turns by Berlin everywhere-man RQM (The Tape/Al Haca), Ras T-Weed of Rocker’s HiFi, Sasha Perera (the playful voice of Jahcoozi), Rider Shafique (Pressure Drop), and the very funny Maxx from The Goats. Forget what you knew about Viennese nu-dub and move to the Tolcha beat.