New Yorker A.G. isn’t the first MC you’d expect to see working with a lineup of mostly Left Coast producers. These days, though, even artists that rep their region to the fullest can branch out and still keep it true. So after years of spitting almost exclusively over Showbiz’s jeep beats, A.G. reawakens Get Dirty Radio by connecting with Californians (Madlib, Oh No, and DJ Design) and even a Norwegian (Tommy Tee). All things considered, this Bronx native sounds pretty on-point riding hazy G-funk (“Take a Ride”) and dusty psychedelic grooves (“Triumph”). While unexpected, the collaborations work simply because these producers have been listening to A.G. for so long. But at the end of the day, nobody knows A.G. better than his oldest friend-when Show hooks up his old partner with some soulful boom-bap on “The Struggle,” this MC’s striking hood narratives resonate the loudest.