Like the wandering eyes in a portrait that creep out Shaggy and Scooby Doo as they retreat down a long, dusty corridor, there’s something at times both spooky and spastic about the best of what is today termed “minimal house.” This 19-track mix is like that slightly unnerving piece of art–yet another case in moody point…illism. An amalgamation helmed by Alejandra “Dinky” Iglesias–a Berlin-based DJ/producer associated with the Chilean diaspora that has maximized minimal house–this CD is one of those collections that manages to make sumptuous shadowboxing into a full-contact sport. Jacking into production work by Matt John, Peace Division, Ricardo Villalobos, Matt O’Brien, Radio Slave, Isolée, Matthew Styles, and herself, Dinky straddles the stereo field without constricting it, gradually reconciling the fricative gradients between deep house’s funky slink and techno’s calcified plinks.