Avoiding predictable radio friendly club pop(pin’), bicoastal producer Danger Mouse and Borough of Kings’ MC Jemini the Gifted One celebrate hip-hop through rap. Dynamics and cadence aren’t dictated by any one loop or the glorification of loot, but are rather an interchange of beats hittin’ and Jemini spittin’. Danger Mouse’s background in psychedelic pop and classical structure lets collages sway and stray as sounds find their own footing, while Jemini and guests Tha Liks, Pharcyde, Prince Po of Organized Konfusion and J-Zone help place Ghetto Pop Life‘s feet firmly in the streets with relevant lyrics, not battle verses. This is an album of meticulous melody and eclectic lyrical dexterity that’s nostalgic for Prim-meets-Hieroglyphics, yet not retro.