It’s understandable why Josh Evans rejected the Mouse on Mars soundtrack for his film, Glam. Imagine audiences flinching from the sounds of mechanical dragonflies zig-zagging on a pond to flee from a blaring boombox nearby…while they try to seriously watch Tony Danza(!) slug a transvestite. This 1997 movie with such brilliant scenes fell straight into the video mausoleum. MoM then released their project in a scant, vinyl-only supply on their Sonig label. Thrill Jockey now reissues Glam, leaving more of us with the mice men’s most accomplished work. The group’s trademark ectoplasmic funk gymnastics and amniotic tone-scapes are in peak form here. Tracks range from drizzling electro-funk to meditative pieces that drug the imagination with Peter Max-caliber tours. An excavated gem of ’90s electronica.