Label owner Kevin McKay selects and mixes the best of the past and present of his esteemed deep house label Glasgow Underground on this two-disc set. “The Classics” disc shows just how quickly electronic music moves, in that tracks released between 1995 and 2000 are already considered ancient history. Happily, you’ll find none of the bombastic cheese often associated with UK house here, just a series of clever riffs on 4/4, from the sinister acid thrust of Cassio’s “Baby Love” to the organic downtempo swell of Love Rec and Karmen Ellis’ “The Scene.” The second CD (“The New Shit”) forges a glimmering future from the shards of the past, plumbing the depths of early-’80s dance music for 808 handclaps, jackin’ Chicago rhythms and robotic vocals. No electrotrash here, just fine future house with a generous helping of the LA Dream Team’s “Rockberry Jam.”