What a ride! Ireland’s Barry Lynn is back for a follow-up of 2006’s Oneric and he’s managed to best that album’s strengths, broadening and tightening his sound. You’ve still got the crashing drums sent through filters set to “zoom” or “zing,” the mystical keyboards, and echoes that last for days. But now you also get an almost pure dub song (“Windfall”), a languid groove that could have been written by Strategy (“Bloscid”), a techno thumper (“Lunal”), and the Jungle tune that Equinox forgot to make (“Fieldtrip”). And despite all those comparisons, this is rabidly original stuff, held together brilliantly, orchestrated and sprawling like a Bitches Brew or Herbie Hancock’s Sextant. A superb record from the Amon Tobin of dubstep.