Like many Carpark artists, Canadian Antoine “Montag” Bédard’s music sounds much grander than his humble indie status might suggest. Going Places is Bédard’s third full-length and it expands upon his previous minimalist aesthetic: bright, pop-infused electronics sparkle, glistening with rich touches of piano keys and symphonic strings. Bédard borrows heavily from ’60s psychedelic pop: “Safe In Sound” and “Hands Off, Creature!” overflow with exuberance and trippy flourishes, while his opening cut, “I Have Sound,” offers a sweeping love letter to electronic ’60s-style pop. But his talent lies in framing intimate feelings that resonate, nicely evidenced in his simple, stirring refrain from “I Have Sound”: “We have no time for life/But we have sound/We have sound.” ‘Nuff said.