The sophomore release from General Elektriks (a.k.a. Honeycut/Blackalicious keyboardist Herve Salters’ solo project) is, much like Honeycut, a quirky mix of retro funk and New Wave-y indie rock with some sublimely orchestrated musical moments. Salters is no Serge Gainsbourg, but the passable falsetto he displays on “Take Back the Instant,” “Little Lady,” “Engine Kickin’ In,” and “You Don’t Listen” suggests he may have picked up some vocal tips from Honeycut bandmate Bart Davenport. His lyrics also prove compelling, especially when placed over a backdrop of consistently engaging rhythmic ideas. Swerving from moody, melancholy dirges to Stratocaster-like synth squeals to foot-stomping ragtime riffs to clap-happy uptempo tunes, Good City for Dreamers continues Quannum’s recent hot streak.