What Kentucky natives Parlour (featuring ex-members of Aerial M and The For Carnation) offer in Googler is a hypnotic glimpse of what post-rock is best capable of. Songs like “Jololinine” and “Regulkfro Reel” glide down the same night-fallen freeway that Jonathan Richman and Neu! romanticized 30 years ago, with pristine guitar harmonics, interwoven math-rock melodies and electronic coloration over a midtempo cadence. Parlour also evokes melancholic images of a wilderness that will soon be paved over by subdivisions. The last two tracks slightly deviate from the rock-centric album, as they are science documentary-synth explorations. “Svrendikditement” particularly startles with its split-personality duel between art-damaged hip-hop beats and music-box melodies.