Ben Lamdin (Nostalgia 77) and Nathaniel Pearn (Natural Self) join forces to mend The Broken Keys. Gravity hails the crackling, juicy, grand-ole funk and soul of the ’60s and ’70s with a straight-up acid trip of organs, horns, and guitar feedback. It’s pure time warp with all the glories of pre-dawn hip-hop breaks and jazz-fused riffs-in fact, it’s scary how well two 21st century white boys from London have recreated 1976 Philly funk! “Slingshot Part 1” and “Slingshot Part 2” are straight-up b-boy anthems while “The Invisible” is right out of the movie Black Caesar. In the words of Wild Cherry: “Lay down that boogie and play that funky music ’til you die.”