On Great Lengths, Martyn displays a unique ability to melt down the best bits of electronic music and pour it all into his own molds. What’s forged is a classic album with elements of early dubstep, Detroit techno, and U.K. funky. Tracks like “Little Things” and “Elden St.” flow in such an organic way that it simply doesn’t matter whether or not they fit into a neatly defined genre—there are too many subterranean basslines and hazy tropical melodies to get lost in, as the songs are as deep and dubby as they are infectious. On top of 12 brand-new cuts, the album includes reasserted versions of songs like “Natural Selection,” 2008’s monster hit that found its way into the record boxes of everyone from Marcel Dettman to Kode9. By encapsulating the zeitgeist of forward-looking electronic music in a completely listenable album, Great Lengths achieves something truly special in the pantheon of dance music.