Pylon was one of America’s great post-punk bands, but unless you’re an Athens, Georgia die-hard, you’ve probably never heard of them. Hailing from the same scene that fostered The B-52’s and R.E.M., Pylon’s dance-punk jangle was almost too prescient for the early ’80s–their sound never cleanly fit into college-radio prime-time or punk rock’s rank-and-file. As such, albums like 1980’s Gyrate were forgotten gems until now. Re-released through DFA Recordings as Gyrate Plus, much of Pylon’s best material is collected here, with songs like “Dub” and “Stop It” shifting through the band’s minimal drum-and-bass pulse while singer Vanessa Hay sneers over the whole thing. It’s relentless but incredibly catchy, which begs the question: How did this band manage to slip through the cracks for so long?