Without the aid of a single lyric, U.K. producer and multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell has crafted an emotive masterpiece. Hard for Justice is Bartell’s third album as Bronnt Industries Kapital, and he spends it effortlessly hopping from one smoothly produced electronic sound to the next. Synthesizers play a major role here, but the album retains a live and organic sensibility, especially on funkier tracks such as “Streets of Fury.” The shimmering sonics of “Threnody for the Victims of Lucio Fulci” and “European Male” are nicely accented by horns, and “Knights of Vipco” sports the same kind of analog Krautrock that made Neu! famous. Those sounds continue on the housier “Objects & Purpose” and “Unbelievable Computer of Love,” both of which feature synths that appear to have been inspired by the early Nintendo catalog. “S.T.R.Y.K.E.R.” has more of a relaxed disco groove, yet its synths would have made Moroder himself jealous.