As his goodbye to an “era,” Pierre’s tribute to his long-running techno club Stammheim dismisses sentimentality, reveling instead in a goofy, sexed-up hedonism. From its tight, minimalist get-go, Heimfidelity is all about the launch into projectile arcs. Remixed tracks by Matthew Herbert and Christian Vogel shift weights on their downbeats back and forth with the anticipation of an eager colt, slightly unsteady but never unsure. The collection bumps and clips along, gaining funky momentum until it bursts through the gates full-speed with Thomas Brinkmann’s “Chevrolet Corvette.” It’s a swaggering, smarmy track shot through with revving engines that forgoes coy teasing for direct come-ons. Snappy and limber, Heimfidelity‘s heated jock-jam bluster is no thick-necked beefcake-it’s sinewy techno machismo that weakens the knees.