This criminally underrated London duo is thankfully never content to kick back between brilliant albums. So cats panting for more of their patented American jazz, hip-hop and funk beat abstracts, pieced together with loving care, will be rewarded with this third installment of the Solid Steel Presents mix series. Keeping in character, Herbaliser has crafted a DJ set that is equal parts political conscience, fat beats and humor, whether they’re melding LA mic-smith Rakaa’s “Verbal Anime” acapella with a tune from the awful Burt Reynolds film Gator, or appropriating Steinski’s sound collage slam on Dubya’s “New World Order” speech (“It’s Up to You”). Special nods go to the late Jam Master Jay (who gets a loving scratch tribute), the irrepressible DJ Food and lyrical genius What What (now resurrected as Jean Grae). It might not be as classic as a vintage mixtape from LA’s AM radio giant of your KDAY, but it sure as hell comes close.