These New Puritans were tossed into the “art rock” genre following their 2008 debut, but that might have been a pre-emptive classification. Hidden, the quartet’s second LP, is packed with references both obscure and banal, skittering between sparse post-punk and anthemic industrial sounds. Frontman/co-producer Jack Barnett geeked out on the Foley during the recording process, eventually including taiko drums, a wind ensemble, and the sound of biscuit-covered melons being smashed as musical elements. “We Want War,” the album’s epic second track, incorporates ominous gypsy harmonium riffs that crescendo into a gloriously crashing juggernaut that hints at both Wire and Trent Reznor, while other tracks juxtapose menacing minimal percussion with disarmingly delicate toybox melodies. Call it whatever you want—Barnett and his bandmates are just getting started with their musical experiments.