Berlin-based Jimmy Edgar probably doesn’t need to start his own label, seeing as he has never had a problem finding a home for his individualistic music. A frequent purpose for starting one’s own imprint is to release tracks that are too leftfield for labels with agendas and budgets, so one might expect Hot Inside, Ultramajic’s maiden release, to be somehow more radical than Edgar’s preexisting catalog. Instead, its three pieces represent some of the producer’s trackiest, most DJ-friendly material.

“Strike” hits upon the current vogue for blunt ghetto house; there are persistent snares, quick, chopped-up vocals, and plenty of flanging. Although it is clearly the work of someone familiar with Dance Mania, Edgar’s clean production chops save it from total pastiche. “Shout” is more of an electro-house stomper, laced with some deft metallic arpeggiations and shouty vocals. It’s also quite tracky, and lacks much of his signature funk, but it’s very textured for DJ-only material. “Hot Inside” is based around a tom-led rhythm and a stretched-out diva wail, but it is truly highlighted by Edgar’s chords, which are filtered to crisp perfection. This is really what makes the entirety of Hot Inside worth a listen. Edgar seems to be on autopilot, and where he once offered jittery, energetic arrangements, he now seems somewhat staid. But the tracks’ actual sound is as expertly dialed-in as one might hear on a Sensate Focus record, and suggests the producer might still have some great records in him.