As heads of Glasgow’s Soma imprint, with a fierce gigging schedule that would make the most dedicated clubgoer beg for a disco nap, Slam’s Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle have made it their jobs to live the never-ending party. Despite a few faltering downtempo ditties (oddly, their ambient is never quite as interesting as their 4/4 pieces, despite being so adept at integrating atmospherics), Slam’s fourth full-length, Human Response, delivers on this duo’s percussive-cum-melodic tech-house-all satisfyingly steeped with rhythmic funk. “Staccato Rave” is Response’s most adventurous track, with angular beats swerving from one razor-sharp edge to the next; long, safe build-ups on “Azure” track the big-room club sound; and “We’re Not Here,” the disc’s strongest cut, could be the ultimate dewy trance hit for the 2 a.m. sweaty masses. Maybe Slam has it right–life is just a party, after all.