This one‘s for the masses. UK‘s Mike Truman and Chris Healings (a.k.a. Hybrid) deliver their first DJ mix compilation ever. Y4K is a lush, cinematic joyride through club-storming progressive breakbeats that‘ll leave you tingling with a gushing heart-chock-full of sci-fi soundscapes, blanketing string arrangements, gut-wrenching basslines and ultra-melodic funky drum patterns. Hybrid gently interweaves a medley of hit club tracks, including FSOL‘s “My Kingdom,” Luke Chable‘s remix of GusGus‘ “David,” Chemical Brothers‘ “Chemical Beats,” Stereo 8‘s remix of Orbital‘s “One Perfect Sunrise,” and in closing, Hybrid‘s own soundtracky rework of “Blackout” by Chicago house legend Lil‘ Louis.