Out of all the musical contributions Matias Aguayo has made throughout his prolific career—whether as himself, through his Cómeme imprint, or as one-half of the fabled, but short-lived, duo Closer Musik—he has always managed to inject his sophisticated productions with an undeniable element of fun and his latest EP is no different. I Don’t Smoke may be Aguayo’s most obvious foray into house music territory to date (although he’s arguably been found toying with the genre many times before), as this latest effort sees the Chilean-born, German-reared, and constantly globe-trotting producer utilizing a more straight-forward sonic palette, implementing potent drum machines and almost toy-sounding keyboards into the four infectious tunes that make up the new EP.

The Latin-influenced, organ-lead title track takes a good minute to slyly brew before kicking in with an inescapable rhythm and the familiar, layered whisperings of Aguayo himself, along with frequent collaborator Rebolledo. From then on, the energy never deflates but instead shifts from the playfully simple instrumental “Cómeme Rhythm” to the aggressively syncopated, retro-sounding drums of “Niños.” The truest house moment comes courtesy of the EP’s closer, “Dance Machine,” which somehow manages to bring an astonishing amount of dancefloor heat despite sounding like it may have originated from some lowly Casio-esque keyboard. Considering his history with sonic experimentation, it may come as a surprise that Aguayo isn’t solely responsible for the intriguingly vibrant aural treats of I Don’t Smoke, as he reportedly tapped Scott Monteith (a.k.a. dub-techno veteran Deadbeat) to help with the mix-down process. Delightfully ever-so-slightly outside of his usual fare, I Don’t Smoke is another solid piece of work from a producer that continues to impress with every twist and turn his experimentation takes.