Just a couple of months after the release of his playfully titled Adventures in Rainbow Country EP, Addison Groove and 50 Weapons are offering up a pair of remixes of that record’s standout track, “I Go Boom.” DJ Rashad and Doc Daneeka have been enlisted to re-work the song, and both do their best to individually breathe new life into the bombastic track.

Addison Groove’s original “I Go Boom” was anything but subtle. Built from the man’s trademark 808 grooves, the four-plus-minute tune moved and shifted between sections and ideas at a breakneck pace, throwing in rolling snares, sampled percussion fills, space-age FX, classic chords, and a cheeky vocal sample. In truth, the track was a little outlandish, but Addison Groove pulled it off so well that major complaints were hard to muster. “I Go Boom” came off as a song that didn’t take itself too seriously—a dancefloor-friendly hybrid that valued big beats (and their expert execution) at the risk of losing some of its gravity. However, while this largely worked for Addison Groove’s original, it ultimately seems to have made the song a strange choice for a remix 12″.

The a-side enlists one of juke’s hometown heroes, DJ Rashad, who pretty much does exactly what one would imagine with his rework, pushing the tempo into footwork-friendly territory where skittering hats and dirty kicks and snares meet with the original’s repurposed elements. It may not be a mind-blowing rework, but the chopped chords and beefy alternating rhythms further show that Rashad’s take on juke is still fresh. Daneeka’s b-side effort takes a slightly different shape, dunking “I Go Boom” in a bath of rich chords and sidechained cymbals that lands it somewhere between rolling house and half-tempo bass music. The Welsh producer’s rework here is pleasantly reminiscent of his earlier work, taking on a bit more warmth than we’ve been accustomed to hearing from Daneeka’s 2012 output (particularly on his Murdah Strings EP for Roska’s Kicks & Snares). In the end, the remixers do deliver a quality product, but one that is still overshadowed by the fact that maybe the world just didn’t need a 12″ of “I Go Boom” remixes.