On the obnoxiously titled (and grammatically incorrect) I’m a Asshole EP, Chicago juke/ghetto-house appropriator Chrissy Murderbot takes his “concept of sleaze” to new lows. He adds sexually charged booty bass (à la 2 Live Crew) to his repertoire of genre signifiers, but it’s not just booming low end and skittering breakbeats mucking up the producer’s latest record. These six hyperactive club tunes are chock full of mysogynistic and obscene themes (like, say, “nutting”), which might not be as offensive if I’m a Asshole wasn’t so painfully derivative.

Chrissy Murderbot has never seemed too worried about crafting an original sound. His music is strictly about having “fun,” no question, but why listen to tracks that have been telephone-gamed across eras and cultures when you could just as easily throw on some Sir Mix-A-Lot or DJ Funk records? “The Call of Booty” and “Back That Thang Up” are paint-by-number facsimiles of any number of Miami bass classics, and tracks like “I Nutted in You” and “Girl” retain little of the charm footwork needs to remain interesting. (It’s actually a bit sad to see DJ Gant-Man’s name featured on the former of those cuts.) To his credit, Murderbot approaches something fun, infectious, and interesting on his EP’s title track, but the lyrics provided by MC Johnny Moog just about ruin any potential his instrumental production ever had.