Gudrun Gut has come a long way since the rage and industrial clang of Einstürzende Neubauten. The old art terrorism is gone-now the veteran Berlin post-punk artist/Ocean Club DJ lures listeners into her rabbit hole with her debut solo LP. They fall into a netherworld where the ghosts of Weimar cabaret and arcane polka drift into digital-dub space. Fragments of accordion melodies and oomph-pah rhythms brilliantly snake into “Move Me,” and “Girlboogie 6” is juke-joint rockabilly that may end up in a David Lynch fever dream someday. The centerpiece, the dubby “Sweet,” sleeps on a crowded subway seat, but dreams of floating on a moonless sea. The only catch is that Gut limits her vocals to a chanteuse whisper and risks repeating a cliché that sunk trip-hop a decade ago. Otherwise, I Put a Record On still steps over the timid minimalism that shackles much German techno.