In complete denial that glam rock and digital hardcore went the way of Y2K, Berlin’s Marco “T. Raumschmiere” Haas still bashes it out like the apocalypse is nigh. On this 11-track collaborator-heavy follow-up to 2005’s Blitzkrieg Pop Haas again orchestrates techno as thrash (“Brenner”) and post-schaffle beats as EBM stormers (“The Front Row Is Not for the Fragile!!”). There’s always something as anachronistic and adrenalized astride the corroded trills (“Cracking a Smile”), furthering the staccato outbursts of Nothing Records circa 1996. “Animal Territory” features the Puppetmastaz, a crew whose blunted, somewhat cartoonish delivery rides upfront dissonance like prime Cypress Hill, while “E” reminds that T. Raumschmiere has been oscillating electrohaus synths longer than nouveau ’ed bangers.