I-Wolf and Burdy didnít just eat a canary, theyíve swallowed a whole avian dub dance party. Meet the Babylonians squawks like a chicken coop soundclash. It trills and quacks and warbles across the murky downbeats; under Joice Munizí voice on ìUm Prazer‘ you can practically hear the funky coo of a doo-wop dove. Animal and eclectic, I-Wolf (of Viennaís Sofa Surfers) and Burdy (of the UKís Baby Mammoth) have assembled an album of perky, strutting and warped-to-high-hell reggae complete with the oddest twists, including some Phillip Glass-like chimes and a smattering of languages from around the world. This polyglot does the funkiest chicken on the block.