The venerated Norwegian pair of Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Thomas M. Hermansen (Prins Thomas) has knocked out deadly remixes and epic-length DJ sets together for six years, but with II, their second proper album following a 2006 self-titled full-length, they’ve split open and brilliantly rearranged their cerebral, cloud-hopping aesthetic into a rougher, delightfully haphazard shape. II’s eight discrete parts, spread over 99 tracks, manage to shift gears radically yet gracefully between the stardust-spangled chug of “For Ett Slikk Og Ingenting” and the vibraphone-laden post-rock textures found on “Skal Vi Proeve Naa?,” also making time for space disco sheen on “Rett Paa” and “Rothaus.” Although it’s much more of a headphone phenomenon than L&PT’s past works, II provides plenty of its own special thrills.