She’s hairy, trashy, and oh-so-clever-and she’s got a political streak to match the best of ’em. It’s hard to resist the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Electro-Clap,” and Impeach My Bush, Merrill Nisker’s third full-length, reminds us why: Peaches’ dry, fly, steely wit wins you over while catchy punk hooks keenly package her words. Impeach embraces more rock ‘n’ roll than previous releases-check the soaring guitar riffs on “Boys Wanna Be Her”-which makes sense, since Peaches has admitted to holding Joan Jett in the highest regard. It‘s Peaches’ humor that keeps her sexy camp fresh: On “Fuck or Kill” she proclaims, “I’d rather fuck who I want than kill who I am told to.” Ya gotta love a pimp.