Multi-instrumentalist Alexis Georgopolous reportedly left post-punk hypno-groove merchants Tussle under less than amicable circumstances after the group’s Telescope Mind. However, if the fallout from that unfortunate split is his Arp project, maybe it’s for the best. In Light, Georgopolous’ radiant solo debut, is his righteous stab at Terry Riley-esque minimalism and the kosmische musik that made Germany the coolest place on earth in the ’70s. That a young musician from San Francisco made this record in 2007 doesn’t diminish its abundant, profound pleasures. Arp’s no-overdub/analog-gear approach to electronic music and his solemn devotion to less-is-more composition ensure that In Light emits a sun-dappled warmth, evoking an eternal dawn of optimism, especially on “St Tropez” (with shades of Cluster’s Sowiesoso) and “The Rising Sun.” Elsewhere, a throbbing, hypnotic intensity prevails, as each wave of Arp’s subtly tweaked analog-keyboard textures burrow into you like a deep-tissue massage.