At the dawn of the new millennium, as American drum & bass struggled to emulate the genre’s British forefathers, it was the original flavors of Brazil’s DJ Marky, XRS and Patife that breathed new life into the scene. Now, after the success of DJ Marky and XRS’ anthem “LK” and collaborations with Soul:R’s MIST (both of which are included here), Sao Paulo’s golden boys release this beautifully-crafted debut on their Innerground imprint. In Rotation turns on a spindle of humid funk that invokes both Brazil’s carefree tropical street culture as well as its samba schools’ all-night spiritual dervish dancing. It also features unexpected, but appropriate, guest appearances from Philly soul man Vikter Duplaix (“Moments of Lust”) and British crooner Cleveland Watkiss, who keeps things cool on “Breeze.” Best of all, the duo’s enticing departures in style-breaks groove “Terapia” and the housey “Tijuana Frogs”-sit perfectly side-by-side with their dancefloor d&b. Looks like Brazilian soccer isn’t the only thing Americans have to be jealous of.