Amsterdam-based distributor Konkurrent couldn’t have facilitated a better match-up for their studio-jam series, In the Fishtank, granting grandly anguished San Diego chamber-poppers Black Heart Procession their wish to hook up with grandiose Dutch post-prog rockers Solbakken for the weepiest hoedown this side of Nick Cave. But not so fast…or sad, as it were. Yes, BHP lead singer Pall Zappoli’s growl-to-whine vocals battle Solbakken’s guitar screech on the tragic downtempo tango “Voiture En Rouge.” But we also find Zappoli bemoaning his pooch on the eminently silly “Dog Song,” and the collaborators concocting the strangely kinetic, 6/8-timed “A Taste of You and Me” and the almost spaghetti Western tenor of “Things Go On With Mistakes.” Now this is intriguing.