Drinking whiskey on the rocks, time is measured in condensation, in dilution, and in the transference of heat. Every second affects the balance, the character, as a slick of branch water forms on the bourbon and the malts genteelly express themselves. Similar is this album–a collaboration between Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster, Harmonia), Brian Eno’s counterpart in the Krautrock era, and Tim Story, an Ohio-based neoclassicist drone sculptor. Roedelius spent 10 days providing the grain–recording glacial piano motifs–and then Story spent months distilling these sources, infusing them through coils and kinks, recasting melodic sublimate and paying tribute to the angel’s share. Off-center strings and groggy, granular detuning reside in the same contemplative sip, easily paired in a flight beside Erik Satie and Aphex Twin, Steve Reich and Boards of Canada.