Sarah Peebles conflates the naturally pristine with the artificially destructive in an experimental album of unsettling beauty. Insect Grooves utilizes the innovative Cycling ’74 Max patches to create real-time loop-based performances featuring East Asian instrumentation and samples of flora, fauna and mechanical whirs. The resulting eerie soundscapes challenge the listener to identify the source; is it the buzzing of insectile feelers or the ominous approach of machinery that’s set on “devastate?” Peebles’s use of the sho (an ancient Japanese mouth organ) and guest musician Jin Hi Kim’s of the electrified komungo (a classical Korean zither) further blur the line between ancient and upstart. Compressing vast stretches of ecological time into a dense, delicately trembling hour, Peebles’s work flaps its butterfly wings and rains on our fatalistic notions of the linearity of time and technological “progress.”